• Burton Hill Elementary

    Carpool Procedures

    Drop-off & Dismissal




    If you choose to drop your students off in the morning, please do so in the carpool lane.  There will be a staff member or a safety patrol student there to assist your child out of the vehicle beginning at 7:30 and ending at 7:50.  Once your child is out of the vehicle, he or she will go to the auditorium to sit with his or her class or to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.  You are welcome to drop your child off anywhere under the awning, but please keep in mind that there are only two (2) people to assist students in and out of the cars.  We ask that you move as quickly and safely as possible so that our carpool lane continues to move.


    Please park against the fence if you would like to walk your child into the school.  The carpool lane is for dropping off only. 




    At Burton Hill Elementary, safety is our #1 priority.  For this reason, we have a strict dismissal procedure.  There are four (4) ways a student can be dismissed.

    • Bus Rider
    • Unescorted Walker
    • Carpool Line
    • Escorted Walker & CLAYTON


    It is required that you have a BLUE carpool sign, with our child’s name on it (provided by the office) to pick up your child if they are a car rider.  IF they are an escorted walker, you will receive a PINK card with our child’s name on it.


    The location for the escorted walkers is in School Garden Area.  A teacher will bring the students out at dismissal time and will wait with the students.  Parents, please make sure you and your student (s) use the sidewalks and avoid walking through the teacher parking lot.  If you and your student (s) need to cross Burton Hill Road, please make sure you cross the street with the city provided safety guard.


    The Carpool Line students will be taken to the auditorium and seated by class.  A teacher with a radio will call into the auditorium and assign each student(s) a number that corresponds with where the parent’s vehicle will stop at the front of the school for the actual pickup.  The student(s) will then meet the ride at that numbered location.  The students will be monitored by a Burton Hill staff member.  Parents, please DO NOT park your car at the front of the school or in the teacher parking lot and come into the school to pick up your child during dismissal time.  It is a safety concern to have children walking across the carpool line and in the parking lot.  It also slows down the entire carpool dismissal procedure.  Please wait in the Carpool Line with all the other parents also waiting to pick up their students.  Thank you!


    Unescorted Walkers will be monitored as long as they are on school property.  If a student walks home with siblings, they will all meet in the cafeteria prior to leaving the school.  Unescorted walkers need to use the sidewalks and if they need to cross Burton Hill Road they will need to sue the city provided safety guard.


    Bus Riders will all be escorted to the bus through the playground.  Students are responsible for following all Fort Worth ISD bus rules and regulations as outlined in the Bus Rider’s Safety Handbook. 


    You will be asked to choose a method of pick-up the first day of school.  If you need to change methods of pick-up, either temporarily or permanently, it is imperative that you contact the front office and/or notify the student’s teacher in writing.  Otherwise, your student will have to follow his or her regular dismissal procedure.




    All Pre-K students will be dismissed in the front of the school. (north entrance) Pre-K students are not allowed to walk home unescorted.  You will be given a YELLOW card to bring when you pick up your child. 




    Student dismissal cards will be given at Registration and Meet the Teacher.  


    Please do not have conversations with faculty during carpool dismissal.  If you need to discuss an issue with a faculty member, please schedule an appointment or park your car and cross at the crosswalk to meet with the teacher after dismissal.


    Parents are NOT allowed to take a child, who is a car rider, from the auditorium.  Parents should either pick their child up through the carpool line or walk from home to the school and pick their child up as an escorted walker. 


    Parents should NOT pull out of the carpool line in their cars once they pick up a student.  Wait until the car in front drives away.  There have been many near misses due to cars pulling out in front of other cars.


    Cars may be parked across the street in front of the school if a parent has school business to attend to in the building.  However, parents must use the crosswalk located at the end of the front of the building by the gym to cross the street.  We are asking that no one walk in front of or through the carpool line.  Burton Hill Elementary and Westworth Police believe this system is for the safety of all our families.