• Vision and Mission

    Vision: Inspiring young hearts and minds to shape the world.

    Mission: The mission of Alice D. Contreras Elementary is to provide an environment that builds self-respect and self-discipline, through rigorous cross-curricular education, which will allow students the opportunity to reach their highest potential.


    Contreras History and Facts

    Built in 2000, Alice D. Contreras Elementary was built to alleviate overcrowding at George Clarke Elementary and Westcliff Elementary. Alice D. Contreras Elementary was originally named Lubbock Avenue Elementary but was soon renamed to honor a former Fort Worth ISD teacher and administrator. Contreras Elementary is a regular program and dual language school that serves students from diverse backgrounds. Contreras Elementary also has a LINC program to serve students with special needs. 

    Alice D. Contreras worked in the Fort Worth Independent School District for several years. She was a teacher early in her career and later became the head of the Bilingual Education Department. Alice D. Contreras was one of the first women of Hispanic decent to hold this position in the bilingual department.

    Our school was reduced in enrollment by approximately one hundred thirty students  in 2011-2013 with the addition of Rosemont Elementary.

    This school year, we have approximately 601 students with 33 homeroom classrooms.  We are a Title I campus.