School Building
  • M.G. Ellis was named after Merida Green Ellis. In 1879, Ellis, a successful real estate developer and cattleman, financed the construction of a one-room frame schoolhouse that would be named the Marine School. 


    Marine School


    In 1905, the Marine School was replaced with a more substantial structure on adjacent land located at the intersection of 14th Street and Main Streets. The new structure, M.G. Ellis School, was named after Ellis for his contributions to development of North Fort Worth and for his work estrablishing the first school public school.  

    NFW Public School 1905

    The existing school structure seen today at 215 N.E. 14th Street was erected in 1953 to replace the former M.G. Ellis School. This international-influenced building was designed by Clyde H. Woodruff, liaison architect to the district. It is unique among other schools of the era in that it was constructed by the school system's Maintenance Division. M.G. Ellis Early Childhood Center re-opened in the fall of 2003 after being significantly enlarged with additions featuring brown and yellow brick banding and metal roof accents. This campus is the only campus in Fort Worth I.S.D. to service only Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students.  



      M.G. Ellis 1953   Ellis Today




    Fort Worth Architecture

    Marine School Log Cabin Village

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