Natha Howell Elem

About Natha Howell Elementary School

  • The student body at Natha Howell Elementary is diverse, representing the Carter Riverside Pyramid.  Our campus is a small quaint school with a lot of history.

    The goal of this campus is to strategically prepare all students for a rapidly changing future by providing the highest quality education in partnership with their parents, faculty, and the community to develop and implement college and career readiness. Children learn to model respect, ownership, attitude, and responsibility with peers and interactions with the school community.
    The Natha Howell campus is proud to be a more established school with a distinguished past. When the first school first opened its doors in 1942, it was administered from the beginning by a group of dedicated teachers and administrators. The longest-serving administrator, Ms. Natha Howell, who promoted a culture of capable leaders, is honored by the school's appellation. By only using the finest teachers to educate students, the campus proudly upholds this legacy.
    Depending on the needs and level of competence of our students, specific classroom formats are used to reach the learning modalities of our scholars. 
    For students beginning in the early developmental classroom, our school is dedicated to adopting the Fundamental Four Teaching and Learning System. All of our K–3 instructors are certified by the HB3 Reading Academy, and our inclusion program follows the highly regarded Neuhaus model. Teachers at Natha Howell use the TEA/FWISD lesson study model to guide their professional learning communities as they develop and enhance clinical practices and educational delivery on a weekly basis.
    Weekly enrichment rotations with our teachers and specialists include instruction inside the fine arts, physical education, creative movement, emotional/social classes, character development, and a literacy/research zone for the students.

    We welcome families to tour our campus to observe teaching in action and experience the welcoming, student-focused atmosphere.

  • Core Values:

    Ready to Lead and Learn at All Times


    Original Oak Knoll Values:

    R.O.A.R~ Respect, Ownership, Attitude, and Responsibility

  • Our Mission:

    To provide the highest quality education for college and career preparedness

    to all students in conjunction with their parents, staff, and the community in order to prepare them

    for a rapidly changing future.

  • Our Vision:

    Natha Howell Elementary's team is committed to meeting the needs of ALL children

    by fostering a learning environment in which each child may achieve social and academic

    success while also developing a love of learning. Through the acts of peers and the school

    community, children learn to model respect, ownership, attitude, and responsibility.

    Pride in being a wildcat is our daily motto.

The Wildcat Pledge

  • To this I promise:

    I believe in myself, and my ability to do my best at all times.

    I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself, and others will be proud of me too.

    I will not waste my day because this day will not come again.

    Today, I will respect others and choose kind words.

    I will model ownership and pride in my work.

    I will have the best attitude my day allows, and be the most responsible Wildcat I can solemnly be.

    To this is pledge my ROAR!

    Go Wildcats! 

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