• Mission Statement

    The purpose of the Sterling Spurs Dance Team is to provide students with an opportunity to enhance dancing skills, find personal growth and confidence while promoting leadership in a positive and safe environment.  Our dancers are committed to the highest level of performance, self-discipline, respect for the school, and the performance of responsibilities related to the pursuit of school spirit and pride.



    * To earn the respect of the student body which is at the core of developing effective school spirit

    * To validate positive personal behavior and squad cohesiveness by demonstrating high standards of conduct

    * To make life long friends, learn to build positive relationships, and form lasting memories


The Sterling Spurs

Sterling Spurs
  • Club Members

    Buffalohead, Alexis

    Cervantes, Lisandra

    Chazarreta, Priscilla

    Endolecha, Zuzana

    Hernandez, Emily

    Hernandez, Leonela

    Ibarra, Nalleyly

    Jimenez, Laura

    Loya, Melissa

    Masengo, Wani

    Medina, Kayla

    Perez, Vivian

    Quintana, Maryfer

    Rivera, Victoria

    Rodriguez, Jaquelin

    Tumukunde , Olive

  • Club Sponsor

    Tracey Cravens