• 2021-2022 WHHS Mentors

    Suzette Arroyo
    Emma Bowes
    KB Butler
    Roy Castellanos
    Diana Cousar
    Nayari Diaz
    Mackenzie Dudley
    Faith Hall
    Jazmyne Henry
    Gabby Huckleberry
    Elikya Mapendano
    Karen Medina
    Nathalie Mejia
    Bleoma Memeci
    Jacqui Mendoza
    Jackie Meza Ramirez
    RJ Moilan
    Ryan Moore
    Olivia Nemec
    Angel Ortiz
    Jasmine Prince
    Melina Sabas
    Nela Sabas

  • Benefits for the 4th Grade Students involved:

    • Builds positive relationships that encourage and inspire
    • Better grades
    • Less likely to use alcohol and drugs
    • Better school attendance
    • Increased chance of going on to higher education
    • Better attitudes toward school
    • Enhances many aspects of young people's social and emotional development
    • Promotes positive social attitudes 

    Benefits for our Mentors:

    • Positively influence the life of a student
    • Learn more about themselves
    • Improve their own self-esteem and feel they are making a difference
    • Gain a better understanding of other cultures and a greater appreciation for diversity
    • Increase productivity at school
    • Enhance their relationships their peers and family
    • Have fun