• Bruce Shulkey Elementary opened in September, 1958 with Mr. James D. Parnell as principal, fourteen teachers, and 514 students.  The school was named after the late Bruce C. Shulkey, assistant superintendent of elementary schools.  At the time the school was opened, the Wedgwood community was new and rapidly developing.  The school was barely opened, when temporary buildings were moved in to accommodate the expanding school population.  For several years, Bruce Shulkey was the largest elementary school in Fort Worth.  


    Our school celebrated its 50th anniversary in September 2008 with a special open house and 50's night.  This event featured teachers and students in fifties clothing, vintage automobiles, and many former Shulkey students and teachers.


    Today, we have about 550 students from many countries around the world in twenty-eight classrooms.  We have a LINC unit, SEAS unit, and three Language Center classes.  Our faculty and students work hard and always strive for success.  


    Our principal is Vanessa Tritten.


    Vanessa Tritten