College, Career, and Military Readiness at Southwest

College Readiness

  • Definition

    According to Texas law, "House Bill 3, §39.024(a) defines college readiness as the level of preparation a student must attain in English language arts and mathematics courses to enroll and succeed, without remediation, in an entry-level general education course for credit in that same content area for a baccalaureate degree or associate degree program".


    A college-ready student has the English and math skills to enroll in a college class and successfully gain credit for it without needing any remediation.


    The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has established standards for ELAR and Math College Readiness. Here they are.



    How do students know if they are college-ready?

    There are a few tests that measure whether students' ELAR and Math skills are college-ready. They are the PSAT, the SAT, the ACT, and the TSI. To begin preparing for these tests, join the Southwest College and Career Ready Google Classroom. Join Code: oif4nt3.

Advanced Academics

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Career Readiness

  • Definition

    According to EverFi, a district-approved program, "Career Readiness is the process of preparing students of any age with the essential skills they need to find, acquire, maintain, and grow within a job, as defined by Applied Educational Skills".

    How do I begin learning about careers?

    At Southwest, we utilize Xello as a career exploration resource. Follow the steps below to get started.

    1. Go to your FWISD apps.

    2. Click on Xello.

    3. Complete the "Matchmaker" quizzes.

    4. Explore careers in Xello.

Career Readiness Skills

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Career Technical Education (CTE)

Programs of Choice

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Military Readiness