• Campus parental involvement policy

    Title 1

    The goal of Title 1 is a high quality education for every child, so the program provides extra help and instruction to students who need it most. These are children who are the farthest from meeting the state standards. Title 1 is the largest federal aid program for our nation’s schools where resources are directed to schools with high poverty levels.

    • TABS qualifies as a School wide Title 1 program because it has a large student population receiving free/reduced meals.
    • Title 1 staff: all instructional staff members are Title 1 staff members. This includes all instructional assistants.

    School parent/guardian involvement policy

    TABS believes that the education of students should involve collaboration of the total school community. The comprehensive involvement of all parents contributes positively to this school community and to the success for their own children. A program of parent involvement activities shall be ongoing and shall be reviewed at least annually by parents to ensure their involvement in the planning and implementation of the program.

    These efforts support the district goal in:

    • “Preparing ALL students for success in college, career, and community leadership.”
    • Student Outcome Goals and Goals Progress measures are found here.

    Activities and programs

    TABS will have many parent activities such as open house, white coat ceremony, awards ceremonies, and student demonstrations. Parents with disabilities and limited English will be given special consideration to ensure participation.

    We also have ongoing volunteer programs through our Family Communications Liaison and through organizations at TABS, as well as opportunities for individual parent conferences. These may include helping supervise college visits, trips for UIL Academics and HOSA, Cowtown Marathon volunteers, teacher appreciation events, and lunch/arrival/dismissal supervision. Participation in parent/teacher/student organization is encouraged.

    School-family compact

    The compact is used as part of the collaboration effort between parent and school for the success of each student. It can be used in parent/teacher/student conferences and for other planning purposes.


    Our Parent Involvement program will be evaluated via district surveys and evaluating attendance and participation at our parent activities.

    Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences vision

    The Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences is committed to educating students to be successful professionals and valuable members of the Fort Worth community. Students, teachers, parents, and administrators are dedicated to working together and creating an environment that encourages curiosity and questioning. Students and teachers challenge one another to push their limits and expand their knowledge. In the classroom, assemblies, and extra-curricular activities, students are focused on their task, innovative in their thinking, excited to break barriers, and driven to achieve their goals. The members of the TABS family are prepared and enthusiastic for each day, take responsibility for their actions, and are devoted to life-long learning.