• The cheerleading squad was established by a group of 5th-grade girls in 2010. They petitioned the principal and were allowed to form a student club. Ms. Duryee and Mrs. Munoz were soon approached by the cheerleaders for help, and now 10 years later, cheer is strong at Huerta.

    2019-20 Cheerleaders

    The cheerleaders are held to high standards and must maintain good grades and model behavior to participate. 

    Each year, a cheer camp is held where all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders interested in becoming part of the team may attend to learn the cheer that will be used for tryouts. Tryouts are held, with the help of teacher volunteers, and the applicants who receive the highest scores based on movement, spirit, voice, and memorization of the cheer, and meet the academic and behavior expectations become that year’s cheerleaders.

    The cheerleaders lead the school’s pep rallies, cheer at school sporting events, and represent the school at community events.

    This year there are 30 cheerleaders.