Supplemental Insurance Information & Frequently Asked Questions

  • Parents/Guardians:

    We are pleased to inform you that Student Assurance Services, the company that provides the Athletic Department secondary insurance coverage, offers a supplemental insurance policy that parent/guardians can purchase to help with any costs that may be incurred due to an injury that may occur during participation with FWISD Athletics, Band, or JROTC activities.  The information regarding this policy is in the attached files that were provided by Student Assurance Services.

    We hope that this information helps the parents/guardians of our students understand the secondary insurance policy and the benefits of this supplemental insurance policy.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Western Hills HS Athletic Training Clinic

    Athletic Trainers:

    Bill Aman, LAT

    Sarah Washington, ATC, LAT

  • Is there already insurance provided by FWISD for students involved in FWISD Athletics, Band or JROTC?
    Yes.  FWISD already covers all participants of Athletics, Band, and JROTC under an insurance policy.  This policy is designated to be used secondary to any student's private insurance.  If a student is covered by Medicaid, then the District Athletic Insurance is used first and Medicaid is used secondary.  This policy doesn't cover all expenses.  It pays out up to set amounts across various categories of services.

    "No Balance Billing" Network
    Student Assurance Services has a "No Balance Billing" network of doctors, hospitals and other services that are preferred.  If a student uses a service in this network, the provider will accept the payments from Student Assurance Services and any private insurance and NOT BILL the student for any remaining amount. If an injury involves surgery, this can provide a huge benefit.  Not all services or providers are in this "No Balance Billing" network.  The school Athletic Trainers will provide referrals to providers in the area that are in the network.  If a provider outside of the network is chosen by the student's parent/guardian instead of one of the in-network referrals, then any remaining bill after insurance pays is their responsibility.

    What will this policy do for me?
    This supplemental insurance policy will provide an additional source of payment to any provider (doctor, hospital, etc) that can reduce the bills incurred by an injury that is covered by participation in FWISD Athletics, Band, or JROTC.  This supplement insurance policy is used first regardless of whether a student has private insurance, Medicaid, or no insurance at all.  If you have incurred out-of-pocket expenses in the past with your current insurance situation, purchasing this supplement insurance can be a great benefit.  It also offers coverage options, including dental, for activities that are not involved in FWISD Athletics, Band, or JROTC.  

    How do I report an injury to get a referral to the "No Balance Billing" network?
    All injuries that occur during participation in FWISD Athletics (grades 7-12) should be reported to the school Athletic Trainer(s) immediately.  If it occurs in practice, make sure the student's coach knows about it.  If the student is able to see the school Athletic Trainer(s) immediately, then they should do so.  If the school Athletic Trainer(s) is not immediately available, the student's coach should contact them so they can begin making contact with the student and/or the student's parent/guardian.  Band or JROTC students should inform their adult sponsor immediately.  That adult will contact the school Athletic Trainer(s) so they can begin making contact with the student and/or the student's parent/guardian.

    Do I need a claim form?
    Yes, a Student Assurance Services claim form must be obtained from the school Athletic Trainer(s).   Parents/Guardians must complete a section of the claim form and provide a copy to all providers (doctors, hospitals, etc.).  Providers in the "No Balance Billing" network will ask for this claim form when services are provided and most, but not all, will file this claim with appropriate paperwork for the student. This claim form must be filed with Student Assurance Services within 30 days of the injury.  In cases that the provider, "No Balance Billing" or not, does not submit the claim to Student Assurance Services, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to submit it with the appropriate paperwork.  The school Athletic Trainer(s) can assist with the process, so don't hesitate to contact them.