• Mission of Hubbard Heights

    • Our mission is to help every student at Hubbard Heights pursue personal potential, practice collaborative learning, perform with excellence, and partner in peered mentoring.

      Panther P’s

      Pursue personal potential means that each student will learn to recognize their current state and aim for goals in all areas of academic learning and social and emotional wellbeing.

      Practice collaborative learning means that students will interact in situations where they participate in groups to enhance and expand their learning.

      Perform with excellence means that each student will maximize their efforts in learning to prepare and give their personal best.

      Partner in peer mentoring means that each student will be mentored or will mentor a younger student in their learning experience, fostering community.


  • Vision of Hubbard Heights
    Our vision is to see students connectedequipped, and engaged while interacting and mentoring others in our community.

Belief Statements

  • These are the statements that will govern all we do at Hubbard Heights Elementary School.
    Relational Practice – I believe that students need to be taught how to manage and express their social and emotional status in a safe environment.
    Classroom Environment – I believe that students need an inclusive and safe collaborative community in which they are encouraged to grow.
    Instruction – I believe that students will receive equitable instruction that is hands-on, standards aligned, differentiated, and enjoyable