FWISD Strategic Planning
  • Why Now?

    Fort Worth ISD needs a comprehensive, multi-year plan that establishes priorities aligned to the current needs of our community as we provide a high-quality education for ALL students.

    • New Leadership (Listening Tour Findings and SWOT Analysis)
    • New State Accountability Guidelines and STAAR Redesign
    • Continuing Pandemic Recovery Efforts
    • Challenges of New Legislative Requirements with Funding Shortages



  • Strategic Plan Objectives

    1. Establish strategic priorities aligned to the needs of our community.
    2. Provide a roadmap for implementing our priorities.
    3. Establish a system for measuring and reporting district progress.
    4. Strengthen ongoing, two-way communication with students, families, staff, and the community.

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  • Timeline

    Phase 1:
    Board Call to Action

    Phase 2:
    Strategic Plan Priorities and Committee Formation

    Phase 3:
    Community Advisory Committees
    (October – December)

    Phase 4:
    Strategic Priority Action Teams
    (December – February)

    Phase 5:
    Community Feedback

    Phase 6:
    Board Adoption

    Phase 7:
    Progress Monitoring and Improvement