Running Club

    Running club is a great opportunity to be active and have fun. There are also some games that encourage movement.

    Spanish Club

    This club is for students enrolled in the dual language program. It consists of cultural activities through Latin literature, songs and music.

    Math Club

    In this club there will be activities that will help in improving math skills and logical reasoning.

    Honor Choir

    In this club, students will rehearse and perform choir music in groups and solo settings.

    Good News Club

    Each week this action-packed time includes songs, scripture memory, a bible story and review games or other activities focused in the lessons’ theme.

    Chess Club

    Kids will learn the basics of this challenging board game. There will be opportunities to try out their skills by playing against each other.

    Ballet Club

    The Texas Ballet Theater comes to NHM and teaches basic ballet skills to students in a 5 weeks program.

    Art Club

    The students will participate in art activities that will include elements and principles of design. They will learn some art history as well.

    Garden Club

    In this club students will start growing some vegetables, fruits. They will learn how to take care of gardens and lawns. They will learn about sustainability as well.