• Middle School

     6th and 7th Grades


    Windy Desmond, Reading


    Whitney Peters
    Whitney Peters, ESL 


    Vivian Tran
    Vivian Tran, Science


    Mahika Jhangiani, Social Studies



    Bobbia Lawrence, Math


    Linh DoNguyen, 6th Grade All Subjects
    Excited to be here at INA! Looking forward to learn and grow alongside and together with our students. Be awesome dragons!


     8th Grade


     Lisa Gonzalez

    Lisa Gonzalez, Reading


    Larisa Turner

    Larisa Turner, ESL
    More than 35 years in teaching.


    Francisco Maldonado, Social Studies


    Jodi Smith, Math and Reading

    I am from New Mexico...This is my 20th year to teach, my 2nd in Texas. I have 4 grown daughters and 11 grandchildren. Building relationships with these students and teaching them as much as I can is what my goal is this year! 


    Ema Alatini, Science
    This is my third year teaching at INA and I love being apart of our INA family! Science is my passion and I love teaching kids to love science as well!



    High School Team 1



    Kimberly Fabela

    Kimberley Fabela, Reading


    Jerrod Freeman

    Jerrod Freeman, World Geography


    Ms. Alcala

    Susan Alcala, Algebra I

    Ms. Fox

    Valerie Fox, English I


    Akeliah Brown, Chemistry




     High School Team 2



    Maria Jaramillo

    Maria Jaramillo, World Geography


    Blanca Olivo

    Blanca Olivo, Reading


    placeholder 3

    Luz Ruiz, Algebra 1


    Margie Wilson

    Margie Wilson, English 1
    Margie Wilson has taught Secondary English / ESL since 2001. Ms. Wilson’s taught English Learners at the FWISD’s International Newcomer Academy since 2006. She has served on the board for the local affiliate of TexTESOL for 8 years. She enjoys helping on mission trips to Honduras and Mexico in her free time.



    Mr. Mancilla

    Freddy Mancilla, Math


    Aileen Fontanez, Chemistry



    Kathy Lemmons, English 1
    I love teaching students from all over the world! Over the past 17 years I have taught English, Reading, Speech and Science to students at the INA! During that time, I have watched students graduate, get married and start families of their own! What a wonderful place to be! Have a great day, I N A!!




    Juan Carlos Guerrero

    Juan Guerrero, Physical Education 


    Kelly La Farge

    Kelly LaFarge, Art
    Art works our brains at the highest level- creating!


    Michael Little

    Michael Little, Health


    Kristen Henry, Choir


    Valentina Smolcic

    Valentina Smolcic, PELL Math


    Maria Theadore

    Maria Theadore, Data Entry/Keyboard Skills/College and Career Readiness 




    Raven Saqer, Librarian


    Chris Weingarten, Library Assistant