Hubbard Heights Elementary School

History of Hubbard Heights

  • Hubbard Heights was established in 1922. When first constructed the school housed only 6 rooms.

    In 1935 the school was expanded by Architect Elmer G. Withers. He designed this addition in the Mediterranean Revival Style and placed it along Spurgeon Avenue in front of the original building.

    In 1953, a six classroom addition was completed behind the 1935 addition. Architect William Lane designed this building as a copy of the 1935 addition. 

    In 1956, a 10 classroom addition was completed south of the 1935 addition and west of the original building, and this extended the building closer to 6th Avenue.

    The gymnasium was constructed in 1989.

    The final addition to Hubbard Heights was in 2002, a new wing with 14 classrooms was constructed on the South and east sides of the original building. 






Mission of Hubbard Heights


    Honor each other’s differences 

    Utilize resources to assist in the achievement of academics 

    Brave to be productive individuals 

    Build relationships and capacity 

    Aspire to be leaders of tomorrow 

    Responsible and accountable for current learning and that of the future 

    Dedicated to the community 

Student Pledge


    " I will act in a such a way,

    that I will be proud of

    myself and others will be

    proud of me too?

    I came to school to

    learn, and  I will learn!

    I will have a good day,

    because we promote

    learning at Hubbard Heights!"