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Welcome to Library Media Services

  • The mission of Fort Worth ISD Library Media Services is to provide leadership, support, and access to diverse resources in a variety of formats for the school learning community. 

    This mission is accomplished by:

    • Leading professional learning and training for school librarians;
    • Supporting the selection, acquistion, and processing of library resources;
    • Providing and maintaining multiple platforms for accessing library resources in a variety of formats; and
    • Proactively addressing changes in how information resources are managed, accessed, and utlized.


    Reopening Libraries During COVID-19

    Library Media Services is following research related to the length of time the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) can remain on library materials and developing an action plan for the reopening of school libraries.

    Based on information provided through the REopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums (REALM) Project, the action plan will include:

    • A quarantine period for all returned library books and materials
    • Self-selection and checkout procedures that do not require students to touch shared items such as shelf markers, keypads, and other computer peripherals
    • Rearrangement of physical spaces to allow social distancing while in the school library
    • Signage and PPE to reinforce safe habits

    Reopening School Libraries During COVID-19

    Reopening Libraries During COVID-19 Newsletter