Ready Rosie

  • What if there was a FREE resource that could help your child be better prepared for school, AND it was delivered right to your phone or email?

    Fort Worth ISD offers just that---a free service that teaches YOU how to help your child developmentally and academically from birth through 3rd grade!

    Short videos are delivered to your mobile device (smart phone, tablet) or laptop via text, app, or email and demonstrate activities you can do with your child anytime, anywhere. These fun activities can be done in the car, in a restaurant, in the laundromat or at home – all situations in which you may find you have free time to interact in a fun and helpful way with your son or daughter. It’s so easy, there’s no excuse not to do it!

    Plus, it increases the amount of quality time you spend together, and what couldn’t be better than that?


    There are three video options depending on your child’s age group.


    READY BABY // Birth - 3

    It’s never too early to begin talking and playing with your baby or toddler to develop fine and gross motor skills, memory, language skills, and so many other important developmental milestones. Based on the age of your child, you will receive unique videos several times a week. Each short video will focus on different developmental areas.

    >> View ReadyBaby sample videos.


    READY ROSIE // 3 – 4 or Pre-K

    The ReadyRosie group of videos focuses on the pre-school or Pre-K age child. At this age, it’s important to prepare your child to be school-ready. These videos are aligned to state guidelines on school readiness and Pre-K curriculum. Plus, if your child is attending school, it also reinforces what they’re learning in the classroom. Specifically, these videos focus on sounds, colors, shapes, letter recognition, and other skills that are needed to be successful in kindergarten. Expert videos are also included to share an explanation of why the task in the video is so important to your child’s success in school.

     >> View ReadyRosie sample videos.


    BRINGING UP // 5 or Kindergarten – 8 or 3rd grade

    BringingUp videos take learning to the next level. Every year your child is in school it becomes more important for you to be involved in his or her education. You’ll notice the children in the video are older, and the concepts become more complex. Solving work problems, summarizing stories, spelling, mental math, reading, and writing are focused on heavily in this group of videos. There are also expert videos to help you along the way!

    >> Watch these parent overview videos.

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