Green B. Trimble Tech High School


    Advanced Applied Learning Program

    • Advanced coursework and project-based learning and assessments prepare students for college.
    • Students learn essential skills for future success, such as critical and creative thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration.
    • The learning environment is energetic and collaborative.


    Welding Fabrication and Metal Art

    Students who are creative and like to design and build things using technology and tools will enjoy the Architecture and Construction program. Architecture and construction is becoming more specialized to meet the needs of the progressive construction industry, including new building methods and materials. Students will learn general construction concepts, as well as valuable skills with construction tools and machinery through hands-on projects.

    • Students learn to master the latest welding equipment.
    • Opportunities include competing in regional and state welding competitions.
    • Students who meet the Welding Club criteria can earn a Welding Letterman Jacket.

    Certifications: A.W.S. certification after successfully passing the certification test


    Retail Entrepreneurship

    If you see yourself as a future leader in the business industry, this program will provide the foundation necessary to launch your career. Students will acquire real-world knowledge and learn skills as they relate to business. The world of business, marketing, and entrepreneurship will be introduced through real-life projects and work experience.

    • Design all aspects of getting a business off the ground, including a small business plan. Real-world experiences lead to operating the campus-led retail store.
    • Create and implement effective promotions and marketing tools.
    • Learn to be fiscally accurate through accounting and finance.
    • Develop leadership skills that promote communication, accountability, and positive reinforcement of employees.

    Certifications: Career Safe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)


    Trimble Tech offers:

    • Teamwork in the academic setting and through partnerships with local businesses and community programs to promote community relations and real-world experiences
    • Ability to enroll in a rigorous academic program, which includes Advanced Placement courses and Dual Credit opportunities through Tarrant County College
    • Student involvement in a wide variety of extracurricular clubs and activities that nourish academic and personal interests, friendships, and community service


    • Architecture and Construction: Architecture, construction management, construction technology, mill and cabinetmaking technology, electrical technology, piping and plumbing technology
    • Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications: Audio/video production, graphic design and illustration, commercial photography, printing and imaging technology, fashion design, digital multimedia and animation
    • Auto Collision Repair
    • Automotive Technology
    • Business Management and Administration: Business management, business information management, accounting and finance, computer programming, web technology
    • Cosmetology
    • Education and Training
    • Engineering
    • Health Science Technology

    Completed application packets and the following documentation must be submitted to 100 N. University, Ste. NE243 prior to the December 9 deadline to be considered eligible.

    The essay can be printed from the Gold Seal page of the Fort Worth ISD website or picked up at either the Choices Expo or at 100 N. University, Ste. NE243.

    Please do not fax, scan, or submit to the campus any of the required documents. Limited openings for 10th grade based on student withdrawals 


    Culinary Arts

    If you dream of being a chef, owning your own restaurant, or using your creativity in the hospitality industry, the Culinary Arts program will jump start your career in the fast-paced world of restaurant and hotel management. Students work side-by-side with industry professionals for real-world, hands-on experiences. This program provides students the opportunity to earn industry certifications while preparing for immediate job entry, as well as postsecondary education.

    • This is just the program for future top chefs and others wanting to explore culinary careers while getting a comprehensive high school education.
    • Culinary Arts courses develop and reinforce math skills, including addition, fractions, ratios, spatial geometry, and logical thinking.
    • Students increase their understanding of science skills, delving into cause and effect, predicting outcomes, and principles of chemistry and physics.
    • Students learn where food comes from, how it gets to our tables, how to prepare it, and how to combine ingredients to make up familiar dishes.
    • Students learn cooking skills, classic culinary techniques, and restaurant management; and, they learn life skills through following directions, delegating tasks, certification accountability, and managing time.

    Certifications: Certified Culinarian, Culinary Specialist, American Culinary Federation (ACF) – Secondary Culinary Graduate


    THEATER ARTS PRODUCTION SCHOOL (TAPS) Trimble Technical High School  

    • Develop your talents and learn about all major aspects of the theater.
    • Work with locally and nationally recognized experts in the TV/ Film/Theater/Entertainment industry.  
    • Focus on both performance and technical skills in the classroom setting and in the required after school productions.

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