World Languages Institute (WLI)

  • 6th - 12th Grade School of Choice

    The entry grade level is 6th grade with limited space available for 7th-9th grades and 10th grade, depending upon the campus. All required documents must be submitted with the Choices application prior to the December 1, 2017 deadline. Documents can be printed from the Gold Seal page of the Fort Worth ISD website ( or picked up at either the Choices Expo or at 100 N. University. Completed application packets must be submitted to 100 N. University prior to the December 1 deadline to be considered eligible for lottery. Please do not fax, scan or submit to the campus any of the required documents. Elementary and middle school counselors may only assist with the collection of additional documents. AAIL will not be held responsible

    • This secondary (6th-12th) School of Choice is the first multilingual school that provides a focus for students who are interested in pursuing a rigorous academic program that includes options to complete one or more Endorsements, as well as to take Computer Science courses. 
    • All WLI courses are advanced. Only Pre-AP, Accelerated, Advanced Placement and Dual Credit are offered. 
    • Students may start or continue the study of Spanish and English by taking courses in both languages. Bilingual/ multilingual students have the opportunity to begin the study of a third or fourth language. Options include French, German, Japanese, Chinese and American Sign Language. 
    • Students may participate in a variety of after school clubs, including Step Team, BOB Club, Inventors’ Club, Comic Relief, etc. 
    • Students will have the opportunity to earn the State Seal of Bilingualism/Biculturalism. 
    • WLI’s mission is to prepare students linguistically, socially and cognitively to lead, with creativityand innovation, in a multicultural society.


    Choices applications accepted for grades 6-9. Additional documents required: 

    • Copy of most recent report card, including conduct grade 
    • Handwritten student essay – two full pages 
    • Parents and students will be required to attend an orientation scheduled by the campus.


6th - 12th Schools of Choice

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