A child's education succeeds best when there is a strong partnership between home and school, a partnership that thrives on communication.  

    Your involvement in this partnership may include: 

    • Encouraging your child to put a high priority on education and working with your child on a daily basis to make the most of the educational opportunities the school provides.
    • Becoming familiar with all of your child's school activities and with the academic programs, including special programs offered in the District. Discuss with the counselor or principal any questions you may have about the options and opportunities available to your child. Monitor your child's academic progress through the FOCUS Parent Portal and contact teachers as needed.
    • Attending scheduled conferences and requesting additional conferences as needed. To schedule a telephone or in-person conference with a teacher, counselor, or principal, please call the school office at 817-815-1000 for an appointment.  A teacher will usually return your call or meet with you during his or her conference period or at a mutually convenient time before or after school.
    • Exercising your right to review teaching materials, textbooks, and other aids, and to examine tests that have been administered to your child.
    • Removing your child temporarily from the classroom, if an instructional activity in which your child is scheduled to participate in conflicts with your religious or moral beliefs. The removal cannot be for the purpose of avoiding a test and may not extend for an entire semester.  Further, your child must satisfy grade-level requirements as determined by the school and by the Texas Education Agency.
    • Becoming a school volunteer. For further information, contact our Family Communications Specialist or Liasion.
    • Participating in campus parent organizations, such as P.T.S.A..
    • Offering to serve as a parent representative on the District-level or campus-level planning committees assisting in the development of educational goals and plans to improve student achievements.
    • Attending Board meetings to learn more about District Operations. Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise provided by the Board.