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Message to Parents Regarding the Student Transfer Period


Students who are enrolled in schools that have been rated as low-performing by the Texas Education Agency in any of the last three years, or in which more than half of the students failed the STAAR for two of any three consecutive years, may transfer to another school or another district of their choice pending there is room at the campus requested. Parents of these students will have received a letter notifying them of the campus PEG status by February 1stIf you are not sure of your campus’ status, please contact your campus principal.

Provided that a school or grade level has not reached capacity, an Open Transfer request shall be considered and granted based on applicant criteria including: PEG status, resident sibling attendance, resident District employment, resident of the District but residing outside the attendance area, and non-resident students. 


Grade Levels Served

Kindergarten through grade 12


Exempted Schools Due to Lottery Process

Transfers are not allowed at the following campuses:



Riverside ALC (k-5)

Alice Carlson ALC (k-5)       


Elementary/ Middle

Daggett Montessori (k-8)

Como Montessori (k-8)


Middle School

Applied Learning Academy (6-8)

Middle/High School (6-8)

World Language Institutes (6-12)

Young Men’s Leadership (6-12)

Young Women’s Leadership (6-12)       


High School

Trimble Tech High School (9-12)

Early College High Schools (9-12)

Marine Creek Collegiate (9-12)

Tarrant County College South (9-12)

Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences (9-12)  


Exempted Due to Capacity

High School

Amon Carter-Riverside High School

Arlington Heights High School

Benbrook Middle/High School

Paschal High School

South Hills High School

Middle School

McLean Middle School


Selection Process - Secondary

  1. Parents of PEG eligible FWISD students will be notified by February 1st.
  2. Parents wishing to transfer for reasons other than PEG, may make their applications during the March window, as well.
  3. Secondary parents will submit a transfer application to the requested school between March 1st and March 31st
  4. Up to three applications may be made during the March timeframe.
  5. Parents will obtain a transfer form from their home campus, have the home campus principal sign it, and provide the signed transfer to the school they wish to attend.
  6. All parents will be notified of their child’s transfer status (accepted or denied) by April 20th.


Selection Process - Elementary


  1. Parent contacts receiving school to make transfer request and to determine if space is available.
  2. Receiving Principal looks at all transfer requests and accepts/denies request transfer based on space available and the priority order.
  3. If transfer is accepted, the receiving Principal signs the transfer form. The parent takes the signed transfer form to the home school for approval and withdrawal of the student.


Acceptance Timeline (Pending Room and District Guidelines)

  • Secondary – March 1st through March 31st
  • Elementary – Sixth day until the last two weeks of school.




Must a district accept all students who request transfers under the PEG program?

No, but districts must follow the same policies they follow for evaluating non-PEG transfer requests.


Can students transfer before the beginning of the upcoming school year?

No, the list refers to the upcoming school year. PEG-funded transfers are not allowed until registration for the new school year begins. Parents may apply during the open transfer period.


Can a student transfer from one PEG-listed campus to another PEG-listed campus under the PEG program?

No, under the PEG program criteria, a student may not transfer from one PEG-identified campus to another PEG-identified campus under the PEG program. However, district-to-district transfers exist outside of the PEG program and can begin, end, or continue regardless of the PEG status of the schools.


Are districts responsible for providing transportation for students if they transfer to a school in another district?

No, districts are not required to provide transportation for students who transfer to another district under the PEG program.


My child attends school in a district that is rated Improvement Required. Her school is rated Met Standard. Can I still request a PEG transfer?

No, PEG transfers are specifically for schools with the Improvement Required rating. District ratings are not a consideration.


In order to enroll students who are within the FWISD attendance boundaries, parents should bring the following documents to the campus:

  • A valid Texas Driver’s license or State ID
  • Utility bill as proof of residence 
  • And, if enrolling in a Program of Choice, a copy of the acceptance letter

In turn, the campus will:

  • Provide parents with access to a copy machine if they need to make copies
  • Authorize the data clerk to access District report cards and immunization record

If you have any questions regarding this process or the transfer period itself, please call 817-814-2350.



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