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Citizens’ Oversight Committee Appointed for FWISD 2017 Capital Improvement Program

The Fort Worth ISD Board of Education on Tuesday evening approved members of the new 2017 Capital Improvement Program Citizens’ Oversight Committee. Each trustee and Superintendent Kent P. Scribner nominated at least one member. 

They are:

District 1 – Jacinto Ramos                 Libby Willis

                                                      Mary Alice Suarez


District 2 – Tobi Jackson                   Robert Benda

                                                      Bert Williams


District 3 – Christene Moss               Quinton Phillips

                                                      Roderick F. Miles, Jr.


District 4 – T. A. Sims                      Paul Johnson


District 5 – Judy Needham                Molly Hyry

                                                      Stephanie Harvey


District 6 – Ann Sutherland              Kal Silverberg


District 7 – Norman Robbins            Scott Price

                                                     Emily Gentry


District 8 – Anael Luebanos              Laura West Strawser

                                                      Josue Cardenas


District 9 – Ashley Paz                       Anthony Spangler



Dr. Kent P. Scribner                          Steven Poole

                                                       Lisa Saucedo


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