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New 180-Day Substitute Program Offers Benefits

Fort Worth ISD employees currently working as Pyramid Substitutes will have an opportunity to transition into a new substitute position that provides increased pay and expanded employee benefits.

The District is creating the 180-Day Substitute position, designed to better meet the needs for temporary classroom instructors. These new positions will start with the 2018-2019 school year. The 180-Day Substitute position is full-time with compensation paid over 12 months. Cliff Mayer, who is executive director of selection and retention for Human Capital Management, said the new position is a better fit for the District, with an emphasis on student achievement, and has many other positive features for these employees. 

Current Pyramid Substitutes work a maximum of 177 days. They have five days of leave that do not accumulate, and they are only paid for the days they work. The maximum they can earn is $24,780. The new 180-Day Substitutes salary pay ranges from $26,078.40 - $28,650.50 based on years of service. Substitutes will be expected to work every day. Each substitute will be assigned to a home campus, but assignments can change as needed. Substitutes will report absences into the District calling system as other full-time employees do. They will have 10 days of earned leave that can carry over if not used. The 180-Day Substitutes will pay into the Teacher Retirement System of Texas as Pyramid Substitutes do now.

“We believe this new type of substitute position will help with employee retention,” Mr. Mayer said. “We think the added benefits like a higher pay rate and earned leave that carries over will be attractive to a lot of people.”

Mr. Mayer said the current Pyramid Substitute positions will remain through the end of this current school year and then those positions will be eliminated to make way for the new 180-Day Substitutes. Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, the 180-Day Substitutes will fill in for absent employees, such as the permanent teacher, and occasionally a teacher assistant, clerical staff or where they are assigned to promote intellectual, social and physical growth.


Applicants must meet the following qualifications:


  • 60 college credit hours required.
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, preferred.
  • Must have at least six months’ experience as a substitute teacher or full time teacher.
  • Ability to travel to all schools within the District and have immediate access to transportation.
  • Notification of the day’s assignment will be sent the morning of the assignment.
  • Able to communicate daily with Central Calling and receive assignments by 6:30 a.m.
  • Ability to work every day school is in session.
  • Ability to work in all grade-levels and subjects (e.g. special education and physical education)
  • Ability to work in all applicable clerical positions.
  • Must report absence from work by 6 a.m.


Mr. Mayer said a committee will screen and select applicants by July 26 and select candidates to fill all remaining vacant 180-Day Substitute positions by August 6. These new substitutes will receive at least three days of training, which will include training with the curriculum on the three waiver days when students are not at school. These employees will also receive active student engagement strategies and classroom management training.

Applicants can apply online at and click CAREERS beginning on May 31st through July 12th. Contact HCM at 817-814-2721 or Mr. Mayer at 817-814-2256 for assistance or additional details.


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