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Spring 2018 STAAR Results - Grades 3 through 8

Fort Worth, Texas, June 13, 2018 - The 2018 Spring STAAR test results for Fort Worth ISD grades 3 through 8 show significant gains in the percentage of students passing Reading, Math, and Science at the elementary level. 

The greatest increase was in third-grade Reading, with an 8-point gain in the percentage of those passing, moving from 60% in 2017 to 68% this year. In 2017, the state average was 72%. While we don’t yet know the state average for this year, it appears the gap is closing.

The percentage of students reading on grade level increased for all elementary grade levels. Specifically, there was:

  • A 3-point gain in Reading on grade level for 4th graders
  • A 6-point gain in Reading on grade level for 5th graders

Grade 3 students saw a modest increase – from 34% to 35% ­- of students reading on grade level.  This is a steady trajectory from our 28% in 2015 to the present. When combined with the large increase in Grade 3 students passing the STAAR Reading test, the news provides solid evidence our plan is working.  More Fort Worth ISD students are moving toward reading on grade level. 

The improvements of our Leadership Academies and Improvement Required campuses positively impacted the overall District gains. In 3rd grade Reading for example:

  • Approaches Standard  improved from 39% to 58% - a 19 % increase
  • Meets Standard improved from 16% to 26% - a 10% increase
  • Masters Standard improved from 6% to 11% - a 5% increase

Middle school students saw gains in Math at 6th grade (+1%) and 7th grade (+4%) and held steady at 8th grade with 77% of the students passing. The percentage of students performing on grade level in Math increased for both 6th and 8th grades.

Middle school Reading results were mixed, with no change at 6th grade, a slight gain at 7th grade, and a decrease at 8th grade.

Eighth-grade Science and Social Studies scores both saw a 3% decrease.

“We will continue to study and parse these data in the days and weeks ahead,” said Superintendent Kent P. Scribner. “Adjustments will be made, especially in our middle school approach.  But, we are confident that our overall strategy is working.  We are focusing on fewer things – and doing those things well.”



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