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TCU Sponsors Math and Science Trail for FWISD Fourth Graders

What: Interactive Math and Science Trail for elementary students

Where: Texas Christian University – at various locations across the campus of TCU. 

When: Friday, October 26, 2018 

Summary: On Friday, October 26, students from Fort Worth ISD participated in the TCU Math and Science Trail.

The Math and Science Trail, funded by the Bryant Bridge and Hope Grant, takes place annually in the fall. Under the leadership of Dr. Hayat Hokayem, a TCU team has prepared science and math lessons for 112 fourth graders to help them learn how math and science enter everyday lives.mathsciencetrail

“I believe in promoting scientific literacy for all students. Through our ‘hands on/minds on’ teaching philosophy, we hope to teach students science and math in a meaningful manner that will be long lasting, and will make them appreciate the importance of those subjects in their lives.” said Dr. Hokayem, associate professor in Science Education at TCU.

mathscitrail2 There were eight learning stations on campus, each consisting of a science or math lesson. As the students moved from one station to another, they learned in an interactive manner. Chances to win prizes were also available.

This event supports the Fort Worth ISD mission of “preparing all students for success in college, career and community leadership,” because math and science play key roles in the success of individuals in developed societies. 

View photos from the event here


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