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Impacting Lives Now and in the Future

EDITOR’S NOTE: Over the next few weeks, FWISD will feature profiles and individual acceptance speeches from Fort Worth ISD’s 2018-2019 Academic Chairs for Teaching Excellence.

Teaching can be cruel for an elementary school teacher but not for the reasons some may think, says Ashlie Duncan, the Lockheed Martin Chair for Teaching Excellence in Elementary Math and Science.

Saying goodbye to students at the end of a school year is never easy, the Sam Rosen Elementary fourth-grade teacher said. However, Ms. Duncan teaches, she says, because she wants to impact the lives of students she instructs now and in the future.duncan

“It is cruel because you’ve spent your life every day with these adorable human beings. You’ve labored relentlessly to help them be successful in school and prepare them for life,” Ms. Duncan said. “You love them and treat them like your own children. Then all of a sudden, the last day of school comes and they are now someone else’s students officially.

“It is heartbreaking, and however, I do this every year. And why? Because even when they move on, they are still my students, my kids.”

Ms. Duncan obtained her bachelor’s degree in biology from Midwestern State University and a master’s degree in Christian Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She’s been part of the Fort Worth ISD for 14 years. In her classroom, Ms. Duncan strives to embody the words of the late poet, Dr. Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said … but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


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