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Picking Up on Everyday Things

EDITOR’S NOTE: Over the next few weeks, FWISD will feature profiles and individual acceptance speeches from Fort Worth ISD’s 2018-2019 Academic Chairs for Teaching Excellence.

As an educator, Jeff Peters seeks to be a positive role model for his students inside and outside the classroom, he says.

“I help my students to become the best citizens they can be,” said the Blue Zones Project Chair for Teaching Excellence in Health and P.E. “I aim and inspire students that they will have the inspiration to strive to do whatever they want to do with their lives.”peters

It’s not always an easy task though. In his acceptance speech for the 2018-2019 teaching chair award, the Rosemont 6th Grade physical education and wellness teacher shared the story of one of his students who he thought he was not reaching. After several attempts, Mr. Peters felt he was getting nowhere, but then something changed.

“Even when you don’t think students are listening to you, they pick up on the everyday things you teach,” he said.

Mr. Peters joined the Fort Worth ISD more than five years ago. He earned his bachelor’s degree in education and kinesiology from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

The P.E. teacher often tells his students that they will most likely struggle before they find success, but emphasizes that losing is OK because if they continue practicing, they will find success both in class and the real world.