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Fort Worth ISD Board of Education Approves 2019-20 School Calendar

The Fort Worth ISD Board of Education approved a 435-minute calendar for the coming school calendar that will add five minutes to the instructional day for elementary school students.

Trustees unanimously approved the 2019-20 plan during the February 26 Board Meeting.

The recommended 2019-20 calendar meets the state requirement of 75,600 minutes during the instructional year.  Testing dates, staff development days, holidays, snow days, and spring break were all considered and discussed in designing the calendar.

Through a survey, students, parents and employees were asked to select one of two calendar options for the 2019-2020 school year. These options were developed utilizing the flexibility of school minutes. This flexibility has allowed the District to offer calendar options that address both District and community needs.

Out of 10,032 total votes:

  • 6,167 (61%) in support of the 435-minute-day
  • 3,865 (39%) votes were cast for the 450-minute-day 

The 450-minute option would have added 20 minutes to the elementary school day and 15 minutes to the instructional day for middle and high school students.

Each year, trustees approve the school calendar – developed with input from the District Advisory Committee and the District Employee Relations Council. However, this year the District also sought input from staff, parents, and the community through the online survey from February 15 - 22.



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