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Fort Worth ISD Selects Finalists For District Teachers Of The Year

Fort Worth, TexasFort Worth ISD recognized Campus Teachers of the Year honorees at a special after-school reception Tuesday, April 2, 2019, hosted by Central Market and other community partners.  This event honored 134 teachers from across the District.

Ten elementary and secondary educators are finalists for the District Teacher of the Year Awards and will advance to the next level:


Susan Afflerbach - Western Hills Primary

Kimberly Bennett - Springdale ES

Sharon Gartrell - Charles E. Nash ES

Sydney Jones - Worth Heights ES

Sarah Milliken - Seminary Hills Park ES


Kenyail Carr – I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM and VPA

Dalynn Cross - Diamond Hill-Jarvis HS

Evette Mumford - Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences

Andrea Rogers - Young Women's Leadership Academyctoysecondary

Lisa Yanagida-Blow – Eastern Hills HS


Campus Teacher of the Year honorees were recognized at a reception held in the Piano Pavilion at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, with entertainment provided by members of the I.M. Terrell Orchestra.

Community businesses and organizations have partnered with Fort Worth ISD to recognize outstanding classroom teachers in our District since 1985. One teacher from each school is elected by fellow teachers for the honor of 2018-2019 Campus Teacher of the Year.

Teachers selected are eligible to apply for the District Teacher of the Year award for elementary or secondary.  Each of the two award winners receives a $5,000 honorarium from Central Market.  The eight finalists will receive a $1,500 award from Central Market.

Nominees must:

  • Have taught for a minimum of five years
  • Have taught in the FWISD for a minimum of three years
  • Be a full time, certified, highly qualified classroom teacher
  • Be exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled
  • Inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn
  • Have the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues
  • Play an active and useful role in the community, as well as in the school

This year’s Campus Teachers of the Year are:


A.M. Pate ES                                                                                     Juanita Ocegueda

Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center                                        Debbie Biediger

Alice D. Contreras ES                                                                      Elizabeth Rodriguez

Amon Carter-Riverside HS                                                             Johnna Purchase

Applied Learning Academy                                                            Laura Hand

Arlington Heights HS                                                                      Danna Shotwell

Atwood McDonald ES                                                                     April Crawford

Benbrook ES                                                                                     Linda Stuck

Benbrook Middle-High School                                                      Sabrina Fantroy-Stevens

Bill J. Elliott ES                                                                                Brenda Jones

Bonnie Brae ES                                                                                Debbie Hayes-Stoker

Boulevard Heights                                                                           Sarah Mayfair

Bruce Shulkey ES                                                                             Lisa Boeshart

Burton Hill ES                                                                                  Debra Allen

C.C. Moss ES                                                                                     Rani Watters

Carroll Peak ES                                                                                Sonjia Lynch

Carter Park ES                                                                                  Javier Peña

Cesar Chavez ES                                                                               Sendy Casas

Charles E. Nash ES                                                                          Sharon Gartrell*

Clifford Davis ES                                                                              Sherry Cotton

Como Montessori                                                                             Amanda Pangelinan

  1. McRae ES Luis Fernandez

Daggett ES                                                                                        Stacey Haas

Daggett Montessori                                                                         Margarette Belgica 

Daggett MS                                                                                       Ed Harris

David K. Sellars ES                                                                          Mary K. Richardson

De Zavala ES                                                                                     Nelson Favela

Diamond Hill ES                                                                              Amanda Vessels

Diamond Hill-Jarvis HS                                                                 Dalynn Cross*

Dolores Huerta ES                                                                           Marisol Herrera

Dunbar HS                                                                                        Dev'n Goodman

East Handley ES                                                                              Irish Trejo-Canales

Eastern Hills ES                                                                               Paige Paul

Eastern Hills HS                                                                              Lisa Yanagida-Blow*

Edward J. Briscoe ES                                                                      Jiravadee Levy

George C. Clarke ES                                                                         Neiza Santos-Plascencia

Glen Park ES                                                                                     Rebecca Sayman

Glencrest 6Th Grade                                                                                     Latesha Washington

Greenbriar ES                                                                                   Araceli Perez

H.V. Helbing ES                                                                               Maria Galvan

Handley MS                                                                                      Jimmar Wilson

Harlean Beal ES                                                                               Rebecca Cleveland

Hazel Harvey Peace ES                                                                   Levell Turner

Hubbard Heights ES                                                                       Maria Hale

I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM and VPA                                                Kenyail Carr*

International Newcomer Academy                                               Manuel Alvarado

  1. P. Elder MS Leonor Hernandez
  2. T. Stevens ES Randi Wintersole

Jacquet MS                                                                                       Cletis Cabbil

Jean McClung MS                                                                            Deneen Douglas

JJAEP                                                                                                Peter Musasia

Jo Kelly School                                                                                 Bob Chochola

Kirkpatrick ES                                                                                  Ignacio Diaz

Kirkpatrick MS                                                                                 Rebecca Rugg

Leadership Academy at Como Elementary                                  Donelle Bratton

Leadership Academy at Forest Oak Middle                                 Shanreka Bell

Leadership Academy at John T. White Elementary                   Melodie Fields

Leadership Academy at M. I. Logan Elementary                        Shemon Sanders

Leadership Academy at Mitchell Boulevard Elementary           Anna Hughes

Leonard MS                                                                                      Stuart Sumner

Lily B. Clayton ES                                                                            Jill Kirby

Lowery Road ES                                                                               Danielle Nordskog

Luella Merrett ES                                                                             Patricia Alvarez

M.G. Ellis Primary                                                                           Michelle Barajas

M.H.  Moore ES                                                                               Bradley O'Bannon

M.L. Phillips ES                                                                               Esmeralda Hernandez

M.M. Walton ES                                                                               Krystle Scott

Manuel Jara ES                                                                                Veronica Vasquez

Marine Creek Collegiate                                                                  Brittany Austin

McLean 6Th Grade                                                                            Sandy Haro

McLean MS                                                                                       Alisha Walker

Meacham MS                                                                                    Jenae Bean

Meadowbrook ES                                                                             Evangelina Murillo-Martinez

Meadowbrook MS                                                                            Chunna Davis

Metro Opportunity HS                                                                    David Ponder

Middle Level Learning Center                                                       Sharmecia Lindsey

Morningside ES                                                                                Katrice Henderson

Morningside MS                                                                              Chekesha Mawiyah Ferrell

Natha Howell ES                                                                              Abraham Campos

North Hi Mount ES                                                                         Daisy Reyna

North Side HS                                                                                  Jeana Schweikhard

O.D. Wyatt HS                                                                                  Meshack Boraya

Oakhurst ES                                                                                      Angelica Rosas

Oaklawn ES                                                                                       Lacey  Long

Paschal HS                                                                                        Caitlin Kuisis

Polytechnic HS                                                                                 Barbara Padget

Richard J. Wilson ES                                                                       Arturo Lopez

Ridglea Hills ES                                                                               Meredith Andersen

Riverside Applied Learning Center                                               Tekesha Davis

Riverside MS                                                                                    Steven Wengert

Rosemont 6Th Grade                                                                        Heidi Schoeneman

Rosemont ES                                                                                    Karen Jaquez

Rosemont MS                                                                                   Alejandro Story

Rufino Mendoza ES                                                                         Alejandro Aguilar

S.S. Dillow ES                                                                                   Carolyn Thompson

Sagamore Hill ES                                                                             Hollie Gutierrez

Sam Rosen ES                                                                                   Shelli Aulisio

Seminary Hills Park ES                                                                   Sarah Milliken*

South Hi Mount ES                                                                         Yen Hoang

South Hills ES                                                                                  Natalie Kotz

South Hills HS                                                                                  Aldo Muñoz

Southwest HS                                                                                   Marisa Phillips

Springdale ES                                                                                   Kimberly Bennett*

Stripling MS                                                                                      Joanne Dixon

Success HS                                                                                        Kay Blackston

Sunrise-McMillan ES                                                                      Shannon Warwick

T.A. Sims ES                                                                                     Laura Klein

Tanglewood ES                                                                                 Glenna Cleworth

Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences                                       Evette Mumford*

TCC South/FWISD Collegiate HS                                                 Taneka Dunn

Transition Center                                                                             Marcus Torres

Trimble Tech HS                                                                              Olabaniji Abanishe

Van Zandt-Guinn ES                                                                       Meagan Bolton

Versia L. Williams ES                                                                      Tom Tarbet

W.J. Turner ES                                                                                 Angelica Hernandez

W.M. Green ES                                                                                 Vickie Perry-Russell

Washington Heights ES                                                                  Alicia Alonzo

Waverly Park ES                                                                              Elisa Harris

Wedgwood 6Th Grade                                                                      Laura Barnhart

Wedgwood MS                                                                                 Robert Smith

West Handley ES                                                                             Jessica Gore

Westcliff ES                                                                                       Rocio Franco

Westcreek ES                                                                                    Blanca Olmos

Western Hills ES                                                                              Denise Borges

Western Hills HS                                                                             Shelby Grissett

Western Hills Primary                                                                    Susan Afflerbach*

Westpark ES                                                                                     Karissa Simons

William James MS                                                                           Kenny Grames                     

William Monnig MS                                                                        Jennifer White

Woodway ES                                                                                     Shanay Brooks

World Languages Institute                                                             René Sandoval

Worth Heights ES                                                                            Sydney Jones*

Young Men's Leadership Academy                                               Janette Newsome

Young Women's Leadership Academy                                         Andrea Rogers*


*Signifies a District Teacher of the Year Finalist 


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