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Hundreds Attend Annual Family Literacy Celebration

A heavy dose of stormy weather did not keep hundreds of students and parents from Fort Worth ISD’s annual Family Literacy Celebration, hosted by the Student Placement Center (SPC), Saturday, May 18 at the Billingsley Field House.flc

Approximately 400 students and parents, one of the event’s largest turnouts in recent years, attended the celebration which offered free books. Over 40 groups provided English Learning students and their families information about summer programs, reading and staying academically and physically active throughout the summer months.

Culinary students from Trimble Tech prepared breakfast for attendees, and photography students took photographs. Celebration entertainment was provided by the mariachi programs from Polytechnic and Paschal high schools.

“Overall we were pretty excited about these numbers … I think it was a really good turnout,” said Diana De La Paz, SPC director. “It was really great. We were very happy to see our students and families … come and enjoy [the] event.”

The Family Literacy Celebration offered attendees tools for reading and staying active during the summer break as well as adult education information. Multiple children left the celebration with books they could not wait to take home to read, organizers say.

Positive feedback about the May 18 event is already making its way back to the SPC.

One parent who attended the event with her three children told SPC officials her children have been reading the books nonstop since the event.

The SPC helps register students new to Fort Worth ISD who customarily speak or hear a language other than English in their home. The Department also offers other services for students and their families.


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