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Ask Elsie -- August 8, 2019

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ask Elsie is a column where Chief Financial Officer Elsie Schiro tackles employee queries, or in areas outside her purview, asks other District leaders to answer them. The following question has been edited for clarity.

Dear Elsie,

We have heard several times in the last board meeting presentations, that Business and Finance is working diligently to see which way HB3 will affect the raises for employees this coming fiscal year.

Would it be possible to let all employees know what their new salary amounts will be no later than August 15, 2019? This will allow employees to make informed decisions about benefits, as the open enrollment period will end on August 22.

Also, I was disappointed to see that the recommendation for a raise was only "a 2% at mid-point, or 2% whichever is greater". Yet for the last four years running, insurance costs have increased by 8-9% a year. It would be nice if the raises offered would at least off-set some of that cost.


Seeking information please

Dear Seeking information please,

Thank you for your question.

The Budget Department will present the HB3 "Compensation Allotment" to the Board of Education at its regularly called Board meeting on Tuesday, August 13th. If approved by the Board, information will be available to employees the next day.

The HB3 "Compensation Allotment" requires each District to budget dollars for compensation to be paid to full time teachers, nurses, counselors and librarians, with additional compensation to teachers with over 5 years of experience. It also provides the District to budget dollars to be paid to all other employees, except administrators. Therefore, all employees, except administrators, will receive an overall pay increase in 2019-2020 above the initial amount of 2% of mid-point or 2% whichever is greater. However, full time teachers, nurses, counselors and librarians will receive a greater increase than other employees as required by HB3.

Thank you again Seeking information please for your question.


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