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Update from Superintendent Scribner About FWISD Network

Dear Colleagues:
computer First I want to thank you for your support as we continue to work to bring our system back online after this week’s malware attack. You all have been wonderful to perform essential duties – like taking attendance and direct instruction- without our usual online systems.
Here’s another thing you all can do to help: we are asking you to immediately unplug your Ethernet cable – or, “pull the plug!”
The Ethernet cable is usually blue but sometimes it can be yellow, gray, or black.
Why is this important?
When we start to bring the network back online this will enable us to prevent the spread of a virus and isolate any computer that has been compromised.
As you probably know, these attacks are not limited to the Fort Worth ISD.  It’s been reported that more than 750 school districts have had to deal with online attacks since 2016.  Large corporate entities are also targets for these acts of cyber-aggression.
Because we were prepared on Tuesday, our District was able to isolate the virus quickly and, most importantly, protect student and employee information. As you know, we’ve been working for some time to fortify our cyber defenses and to educate ourselves on best practices (like not clicking on attachments from an unknown source or how to identify spam.)
Our technology team, along with CISCO and Microsoft, will work over spring break to ensure we can bring our systems back online without concern about the spread of the virus associated with this attack.
And your help – as you “pull the plug!” – will aid this effort.
Thank you all for being a part of this effort.
Kent P. Scribner