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Fort Worth ISD Board Member Ashley Paz Elected to Secretary-Treasurer Post of the Council of Great City Schools

WASHINGTON, July 1 – Fort Worth ISD Board Member Ashley G. Paz has been elected to the secretary-treasurer post of the Council of Great City Schools’ Board of Directors


Ms. Paz has served on the policy body’s Executive Committee and in this new role succeeds Michael O’Neill of Boston Public Schools, who becomes chair of the national leadership group.

“As the nation’s urban public schools rise to meet the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Council’s board is in capable hands with…[this] leadership team. Their energy, knowledge and experience will be crucial as big-city school districts face the herculean task of reopening schools and providing for the safety and well-being of the 8.2 million schoolchildren they serve,” says Council Executive Director Michael Casserly.


The Board of Directors is the Council of Great City Schools’ policymaking body, comprised of the superintendent and a school board member from each coalition’s76-member big city school districts.


Ms. Paz was first elected to the Fort Worth ISD Board of Education in 2013.  She has served for the last four years as Co-Chair of the CGCS’s Task Force for Bilingual Education, which she now will relinquish to take over as Chair on the Audit Committee and Co-Chair of the Task Force for Governance, Management, and Leadership.  


As Co-Chair of the Task force for Bilingual Education, Ms. Paz oversaw many accomplishments including developing national curriculum standards for bilingual math students --- standards that increase rigor and culturally relevant curriculum. 


She feels her biggest success was the amicus brief that the Council filed to the U.S. Supreme Court   -- cited in Chief Justice John Robert’s ruling to eliminate the citizenship question from the 2020 Census. 


Ms. Paz currently works as a strategic planning and organizational development consultant for non-profits and small businesses.