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FWISD Provides Recent Graduates Additional Support With “First Year Follow-Up Calls”

What: Outreach efforts for recent Fort Worth ISD graduates

When: The 2020-2021 academic school year

Where: All traditional Fort Worth ISD high schools

Fort Worth, Texas – Did you know that 1-in-3 first-year college students don’t make it back to college their sophomore year? The reasons range from family problems, a lack of money and academic struggles. Fortunately, studies have shown that with just a little extra support, there can be a positive impact on the number of students who actually thrive during their first year. 

To help with that needed support, the Fort Worth ISD sponsors “First Year Follow-Up Calls.” Through personal phone calls and emails, District staff provide personal outreach to recent graduates and ensure they have the resources needed to complete their successful transition into postsecondary success.

Of the program, recent graduate, Lathdao Lunagraj from Carter-Riverside High School, had this to say: “It’s very reassuring to know that Fort Worth ISD college and career resources and assistance by college and career coaches are still available to me even after I graduate high school.”  

Another student, Lily Hollins from Paschal High School said: “Oh, I was not expecting this call! I'm glad FWISD is doing this. This is a really great support system!" 

College and Career Readiness Coaches have reached out to more than 1,500 students.

“This number is sure to grow as we target additional students each and every day,” said Danyatta Harrell, a FWISD Go Center coordinator.

For additional questions, please contact the Fort Worth ISD Department of College Programming and Advisement at 817-814-1560.




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