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FWISD Weather Communication Update

(Thursday, February 11, 2021) -- When inclement weather affects Fort Worth ISD operations, we ensure our message to parents and employees are distributed through many different platforms. We use not only our own automated phone system but also our website, social media, local news media including TV, radio and newspaper, and email. Hopefully, most of those to whom last night’s message was directed received the important information through one or more of those means.

However, there was an unfortunate error in our ParentLink callout system.

We received notification that the message was being delivered just before 10pm on Wednesday evening immediately after the decision was made. But because of automatic time parameters set on the system --so as not to disturb families too late or too early --the message was not actually sent until 8 a.m. Thursday morning.

This error certainly inconvenienced many families and for that we truly apologize.

Going forward we will ensure those parameters are still in place but will guarantee that we can override the filter for urgent information to parents and employees.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.