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Trimble Tech Students To Commit To Electrical Apprenticeships This Week

Five Trimble Tech seniors will commit to a four-year electrical apprenticeship with independent electrical contractors this week.

On Thursday, May 27, Trimble Tech High School will host a signing day celebration for the students in the school’s electrical lab. Students will commit to work a paid electrical apprenticeship for an International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) partner company in North Texas while attending four years of classes at nearly no cost. Through the program, students will complete the 8,000hours required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation in order to take the journeyman level state exam. 

For the first time, IEC is allowing students to complete their first year as apprentices prior to graduating high school and are entering their careers with an independent electrical contractor post high school in year two of the apprenticeship.

This opportunity creates multiple pathways in the tech industry for students, said Ronnie Cope,  electrical technology teacher at Trimble Tech.

"They're a very good group of seniors," he said. "They're dependable, conscientious, hard working students."  

FWISD Career and Technical Education officials say the apprentice program is similar to receiving a college scholarship because the companies sponsoring the students cover most tuition and costs for their classes. Students are also paid for full-time work.   

The program offers college credit opportunities upon completion, and students may receive full benefits and college tuition reimbursement from the major companies they work for.

One former FWISD graduate who participated in the IEC apprenticeship program went on to earn a master electrician license and become an electrical contractor business owner.    


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