Safety and Security


Welcome to Safety and Security

  • Safety & Security works closely with surrounding local Police Departments in creating a culture of preparedness to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for students and teachers.

    It takes all stakeholders – students, parents and community members working together – to be aware of surroundings and situations that might create a hazardous environment.

    Safety and security measures are designed to create and sustain a positive learning environment, as well as to protect property.

    Education, drills and best practices will result in a “culture of preparedness.”

    The consequences of an interrupted education can be both tragic and costly.

Know the Plan


  • In the event of an emergency dial 9-1-1

    Safety & Security
    Main 24 hour Number
    (817) 814-2680

    After Hours Number
    (817) 814-2699

    Danny Garcia
    Director of Safety and Security Department
    (817) 814-2672

    Ed McGinley
    Emergency Management Coordinator
    (817) 814-2673

    Tracy Norwood
    Campus Monitor Supervisor
    (817) 814-2678

    CC Meadows
    Law Enforcement Director
    (817) 814-2674

    Crime Stoppers
    (817) 496-TIPS (8477)