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Student Registration 2018-19

All new and returning students should complete the online registration process at the FWISD website under Families. If you need assistance with uploading required documents, or if you have questions, please visit the campus office or call 817-815-5200.


Pre-registration for Pre-Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year began in February and Rosemont Park class rosters were created at the beginning of school. Eligible children all reside in the Rosemont Park Elementary attendance area and meet Head Start guidelines.   


Parents on the PreK waiting list will be notified by phone of the status of any openings in our Head Start program as they occur.

  • Child’s official birth certificate (with seal) or Passport
  • Immunization record (must be up-to-date)
  • Social Security number (card) if available
  • Proof of residency (water, gas, electric, or telephone bill must be in parent’s name)
  • Proof of income (form 1040 for 2016 or eligibility letter for Medicaid/TANF/SSI

If  the child is in the care of someone besides birth mother or father, guardianship papers, paperwork from CPS, etc.,  MUST be brought in. 

A child will not be considered officially registered unless all documents and all requirements are met. 

If you have any questions, please call 817-815-5200.