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Sam Rosen 5th Grade Takes 3rd Place in District Battle of the Books Competition

It was so wonderful to hear the students animatedly discussing the books during the competition. They knew their books and were ready to play!


From Coordinator Coutney Butler: "How were the champions determined? Just like we would at an in-person competition! The overall score was not used for place determination. For example, my school missed one question in the first round of a competition but had a perfect score in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. They would have won the championship if the total score was used. But, having missed a single question in the first round eliminated them as other schools had a perfect first round.


We all played each round but teams were eliminated for scoring after each round. Only the teams with the top scores for the first round moved forward to the second round of competition. The top scorers from the 2nd round then moved on to the final round. The final round was not sudden death (like a typical competition) and was totaled like the first two rounds."