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The Bookmobile Is On the Road Again to Promote Full-Day Pre-K and Kindergarten in Fort Worth ISD

(Friday, April 9, 2021) -- The Fort Worth ISD Bookmobile is hitting the road again – this time in the Southside, Eastside, Southwest and Westside communities - to highlight full-day Pre-K and Kindergarten. 

For the week of April 11, the Family Communications Department will continue their District-wide promotion of online Pre-K and Kindergarten registration with outreach efforts to partnering community centers, apartment complexes, and places of worship. 

Below is a listing of bookmobile dates and locations.


1 pm - 5 pm

Family Action Center

3409 Stalcup Road, 76119


2 pm – 4 pm

Waverly Park ES

3604 Cimmaron Trail, 76116


5 pm – 6 pm

Columbia Renaissance Square Apt.

3801 WG Daniels, 76105


2 pm - 3 pm

Victory Forest CC

3247 Hemphill St., 76110


8 am - 11 am

Como Community Center

4660 Horne St, 76107


During these “pop-up” events, families will receive free resources on District early childhood programs, books for toddlers and young readers, and other community resources.

“I believe having our food distribution and FWISD here today is very important for the community. I live in this community and was once someone in line for these services. Having these resources was a blessing for me then, and we hope to be someone’s blessing now,” said Alicia Perez, LVTRise staff personnel.

Pre-K and Kindergarten in the Fort Worth ISD provide safe spaces that inspire discovery, learning, and there’s enough room for every child.

Remember, registration starts April 1. To learn more about our early childhood programs, visit


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