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Seminary Hills Park receives $30,000 donation from University Baptist Church

University Baptist Church presented Fort Worth ISD’s Seminary Hills Park Elementary School with a gift of $30,000 as part of its 90th anniversary celebration, Thursday, December 19.

The church launched a 90 in 90 campaign for its anniversary in which members raised $90,000 to pay off debt and another $90,000 to divide among three deserving local groups that assist vulnerable children: Seminary Hills Park Elementary School, Gladney Center, and @Traffic911.

The church has been a school partner for several years. Several school staff members including Principal Ferrales visited the church in October to tell the congregation about the refugee families who live in the neighborhood and who are part of the school’s diverse student body. Students welcomed the church pastor when he arrived for the check presentation and showed their appreciation for the generous donation.

Thank you Pastor Smith and your congregation for the outpouring of support to our campus!