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Notes for a Successful Start

Notes for a Successful Start at Bruce Shulkey Elementary


New school hours 

Pre-K: 7:50-2:15

Kinder-5th Grade: 7:50-3:05


Doors open at 7:30 am. 

Pre-K students go to their classrooms.


Kinder and 1st Grade students go to their lunch tables and their teachers will pick them up.


2nd-5th Grade students go to the auditorium until 7:40 and then will walk to their classroom.


Breakfast in the classroom served until 8:00 am.


Parent Drop off/Parking

Car drop off is in front of the building only.  Please have your child's things ready so they can easily exit the car.  If you need to park and come in the building, please park in the parking lot across the street at Wedgwood Baptist Church. Please use the crosswalk.


Lunch with Parents begins the week of September 17th.  Please come on your assigned day!

Pre-K: Wednesdays

Kindergarten: Tuesdays

1st Grade: Mondays

2nd Grade: Tuesdays

3rd Grade: Wednesdays

4th Grade: Thursdays

5th Grade: Fridays


Dismissal Procedures

Pre-K dismisses at 2:15 outside of Pre-K door in the front of the school and must be picked up promptly.

Kindergarten dismisses outside of cafeteria on Walton Ave.

1st Grade dismisses from the main entrance

2nd Grade dismisses from the front pre-k doors and will be in the front of the school

3rd Grade dismisses from their door and will walk to the front of the school

4th and 5th Grade dismiss from the far doors near the playground and will be by the fence on Whitman

Students not picked up by 3:10 will be brought to the office to call and wait.  Parents will need to park and sign out students when picking up late students.


Standard Dress

Shirts must have collars and be navy blue and white only

Bottoms can be khaki, navy, black, or blue denim.

Sweatshirts and sweaters must be navy or white.

Undershirts must be white.