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FWISD Wins 2021 TAEA District of Distinction Award

Fort Worth, Texas — September 3, 2021 – The Fort Worth ISD is among the Texas Art Education Association’s (TAEA) winners for its 2021 District of Distinction Award.

Only 40 districts – out of 1,100 that were eligible -- received the honor for providing a well-rounded education that advocates and integrates visual arts curriculum to inspire creativity. The designation also means a district has built social emotional learning that connects learners to their community and beyond.

The school districts selected for the distinction are in the top 4% in art education statewide. 

Fort Worth ISD and the other winners will be honored on November 5 at the annual TAEA Conference.

Christina Walk, FWISD Executive Director of Visual and Performing Arts and Tiffany Frohm, FWISD Director of Visual Arts will attend the assembly to accept the award. 

“Our art teachers earned the title of District of Distinction during one of the most challenging years in education,” Ms. Frohm said.

TAEA is the leading advocate for the visual arts in the state. This is the third year that TAEA is honoring districts that meet rigorous criteria as evidenced from data.

Through its visual and performing arts programming, the Fort Worth ISD prepares ALL students for success in college, career, and community leadership by providing a curriculum that inspires creativity, builds social emotional learning, and connects learners to their community and beyond.

“Fort Worth ISD has set a high standard for visual arts advocacy, integrated visual arts curriculum, encouraged creativity, community participation and student growth,” said Stacia Gower, Chair of the Administration and Supervision Division of TAEA. “The past school year, educators faced a great many challenges associated with constantly changing guidelines and instruction procedures as well as participation in contest and visual art events. It is a true testament to our visual art educators’ skill, dedication, and flexibility that the quality of their programs continued strong and comprehensive.”

About TAEA: 

TAEA is the largest state professional organization for art educators in the United States. It is the mission of TAEA to promote quality visual arts education through leadership, advocacy, service, and professional development.


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