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Kaboom Playground come to Sunrise!



KABOOM playground



Great news! Our campus has been selected to receive a NEW playground in collaboration with KABOOM! What is KABOOM? KABOOM is the national nonprofit that works to end PlaySpace inequities in communities of color. 


The playground is scheduled to be installed by April 1, 2023. 

What our school will receive: 

  • A beautiful new one-of –a kind, student-inspired, community-designed playground 

  • An indoor learning space and garden (if desired) 

This Sunrise family and community project requires that our students earn this playground by reading. Students will keep a log sheet with the goal of reading for 15 minutes daily, which equates to 75 minutes per week. Parent participation is important, and they will be asked to attend the KABOOM-led in-person community design session where they will administer a couple of brief online surveys to find out what is important to the school community, which is vital to designing a playground that meets the needs of everyone. 

Parents may also track students'reading at home and provide some incentives. In addition, a data wall will be displayed in the school showing classroom reading progress and celebrations held for the winning class. We here at Sunrise are excited about reading and the new KABOOM playground!