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Gold Seal Notifications Go Out This Week

(February 3, 2020) -- Fort Worth ISD students that applied for the District’s Gold Seal Programs and Schools of Choice last December will receive email notifications about their application status this week! 

Email notifications go out to families the week of February 3 with instructions for accessing their child’s results in the Gold Seal lottery. 

Parents must log onto using the email account and password connected with their child’s Choice application to view results and any registration information.  

Students assigned to a Program/School of Choice will receive a time and date their parent must register them by for the program. Failure to register by the date and time indicated in the email notification forfeits the child’s space in the program, according to Program of Choice officials.

Students not selected to their first choice will be placed on a waiting list for their first choice.

Admission into Gold Seal programs and schools is based on a computer-generated lottery selection process.

At the December 13, 2019 deadline, 5,175 applications were received for Gold Seal Programs and Schools of Choice, said Karen Ponder, coordinator for FWISD’s Choice programming.

Beginning March 16, students may submit late applications to programs and schools with available spaces. Choice programming will begin “assigning students from the on-time and late waiting lists beginning March 16,” to vacant program spaces, Ms. Ponder said.

“Schools/programs that filled their program and have an extensive waiting list will not be offered on the late application,” she said.  

Gold Seal Programs of Choice and Schools of Choice appeal to student interests and passions and equip students with skills to thrive in college and the workforce. The rigorous program categories include engineering, agriculture, business administration, fine arts, government and law, health science, hospitality, marketing, public safety, technology, visual and graphic arts just to list a few. The programs allow students to finish high school college-and-career-ready and with opportunities to obtain multiple college credits, professional licensures and certifications. 

For more details, visit or call 817-814-1540.


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