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FWISD Passes Landmark Agreement with Grand Canyon University

The Fort Worth ISD school board passed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding with Grand Canyon University recently that offers scholarships, tuition discounts and awards to District students and their parents, as well as employees and spouses.

The agreement, approved Tuesday, Dec. 14, in the Participants in Learning, Leading, and Serving (PLLS) program, allows District students, their parents, employees, and their spouses access to opportunities to further their college education with GCU.

“Grand Canyon University has stepped up to the plate to provide significant benefits for all members of the Fort Worth ISD community,” said Dr. Raúl Peña, FWISD Chief Talent Officer. “The vast array of options to engage students, parents, staff, and their spouses in continuing their education is a win for everyone involved.”

GCU representatives will be on four campuses around the District Jan. 3 and 4, 2022. District employees are invited to visit with a development counselor. If employees have existing credit hours from another institution, the GCU team can provide on-the-spot transcript reviews outlining the most expedient and cost-effective path to degree completion.

A Career Advancement Fair at FWISD’s Teaching and Learning Center Jan. 22 will feature hiring opportunities for teachers, career development counselors from GCU, and information sessions about the Campus Administrator Talent Pool process.

FWISD’s agreement with GCU also gives the District the ability to post employment opportunities on the GCU online jobs board and search for applicants.

“We anticipate receiving responses from applicants in various stages of the higher education journey,” Dr. Peña said. “As a top employer, we offer a variety of opportunities for teaching, auxiliary, operations, business, and other professional careers.

“Given our positive relationship with GCU and powerful hiring incentives being offered for some of the most commonly-filled positions, we anticipate a positive result in filling current vacancies.”

The overriding agreement goal of increasing student achievement comes with no cost to the District. GCU also offers multiple pathways to obtain initial teacher licensure, which further supports future students of the District with highly-qualified classroom teachers.

Graduating FWISD high school students will receive a minimum award package of $3,050 per academic year at GCU. As a result, effective tuition rates will not exceed $13,250 per academic year. This puts a private education within reach and expenses on par with in-state university options.

Grand Canyon University also offers Destination GCU – an exciting opportunity for potential students to travel to Phoenix, Arizona to experience GCU, visit the campus, and prepare for their academic journey ahead. The all-expense-paid, one-day round trip includes airfare transportation, meals and GCU giveaways.

For more information on Destination GCU, students can contact Joanna Truong at 602-247-4561, and

Parents are also eligible for a 10% scholarship when entering an online bachelor’s program through the College of Education, a Secondary Education Emphasis degree program or a graduate degree program that leads to initial teacher licensure. A 5% scholarship is available for all other masters and doctoral degree programs related to the field of education through the university’s College of Education.

FWISD faculty and staff will have access to a 10% scholarship providing savings toward tuition and fees for online undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree programs. Spouses will receive a 5% scholarship.

Paraprofessional and classified employees are eligible for additional savings with a 15% scholarship when entering an online bachelor’s program through the College of Education, a Secondary Education Emphasis degree program or the Bachelor of Science in Applied Management degree.

“Access to these opportunities provides individuals with an affordable path to advance their careers and achieve their personal goals,” Dr. Peña said. “We hope it serves as a way to open the door to additional career possibilities within our District.”

GCU is a private Christian university located in Phoenix, Arizona. The university offers a wide range of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels on campus and online. For more information on GCU, visit: