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Finalists for Facebook's Engineer For The Week

The entire Panther family enjoyed revealing the big news to our finalist team Wednesday morning about their invitation to the Achievement Summit at Facebook headquarters in California. Our three students, Franklin "Max" Bellomy, Jihyeon Na, and Gonzalo Soto were celebrated for their work and Facebook spotlighted their social impact game project due to the student's focus on the serious issue of texting and driving. Their game provides insight into the challenge of texting and driving by forcing you to multitask or divert your attention while approaching an objective.

These student engineers are from both of our Academies and they found the sweet spot where VPA and STEM come together. A special thanks goes to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History for facilitating the project cycle alongside our teachers. #DesignLikeAPanther

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Play their Texting and Driving Simulation Game

Play for Impact

Semi-finalists, teachers, facilitators and administrators

From Left: Brandon Watson (Computer Science Teacher), Lynsey Charles (Associate Principal for STEM & Academics), Franklin Bellomy (Student Finalist), Dr. Morgan Rehnberg (Facilitator from Fort Worth Museum of Science and History), Jiyheon Na (Student Finalist), Dr. Doug Roberts (Facilitator from Fort Worth Museum of Science and History), Gonzalo Soto (Student Finalist), Daniel Strickland (Engineering Teacher), Baldwin R. Brown (Principal)