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Internship at Bell Awarded

Malcolm Keenan, 11th grade, has been selected for an internship at Bell, and he was one of only two high school students selected for the 2021 academic school year.

As a engineer in the Student Training Employment Program (STEP), he will be a part of the Global Headquarters' engineering team in Fort Worth, TX.  As a STEP participant, he will have the opportunity to work in engineering support roles and learn skills to set him up for future success in an engineering role. This position could be within Instrumentation, Fatigue & Damage Tolerance, or Rapid Prototyping environments.

The commitment has short and long-term benefits. It sets him apart from his peers now and in college and it is a pathway to opportunity. A high school internship is only the beginning.​ Bell is a HUGE corporation with lots of opportunities, and they have grown this program from an original 6 positions to now 18 in Year 3. This program helps a student get his/her foot in the door. All that to say, the internship is highly competitive and valued. High school interns are paid and work 10 hours per week (more if mutually agreed upon by employer and employee).

Congratulations, Malcolm!