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Fort Worth ISD Congratulates Campus Teachers Of The Year With New Drive-Through Event

(Updated Thursday, April 8, 2021) -- Fort Worth ISD may not be able to host the annual Campus Teacher of the Year reception this year, but that is not stopping the District from recognizing 134 dedicated teachers in a big and unique way. These teachers have been invited to attend a drive-through celebration featuring music, balloons, and special gifts from CTOY sponsor Central Market.

Campus Teachers of the year will divide into two groups, alphabetically, and attend the drive-through celebration from 3:30 – 5:15 p.m., Tuesday, April 6 and again Thursday, April 8.

Teachers will enter from Shotts Street and wind around the administration building. They will receive their gifts in front of the main entrance. There, they will be greeted by student entertainment, balloons, and enthusiastic FWISD employees to cheer them on as they parade through the parking lot. We encourage all employees in the administration building to take some time to join the celebration.

In a school year unlike any other, Fort Worth ISD teachers were tasked with electing from among their peers a Campus Teacher of the Year who stood head and shoulders above the rest. Campus principals specifically expressed the need to recognize teachers who expertly pivot back and forth between virtual and in-person learning; are problem solvers; lead others in innovation; and who make a positive difference across their campus.

This year’s Campus Teachers of the Year are:

Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center- Melissa Owens

Alice D. Contreras Elementary- Olivia Olalde

A.M. Pate Elementary- Jo-Ann Deisinger

Amon Carter-Riverside High School- Jana Garcia

Applied Learning Academy- Raven Saqer

Arlington Heights High School- Felicia Hobson

Atwood McDonald Elementary- Hollie Hewitt

Benbrook Elementary- Ava Moreno

Benbrook Middle-High School- David Koenig

Bill J. Elliott Elementary- Arrhonda Bowie

Bonnie Brae Elementary- Hannah Montanez

Boulevard Heights Elementary- Sarah Garcia Lawson

Briscoe Elementary- Barbara Hollingsworth

Bruce Shullkey Elementary- Stephanie Kelley

Burton Hill Elementary- Victoria Bergman

Carroll Peak Elementary- Erik Guarneros

Carter Park Elementary- Deborah Johnson

C.C. Moss Elementary- La'Tandra Hicks

Cesar Chavez Elementary- Amanda Kemp

Charles E. Nash Elementary- Aidyl Andreas-Torres

Clifford Davis Elementary- Terri Lewis

Como Montessori- Kailee Reed

D. McRae Elementary- Keila Wierzbicki

Daggett Elementary- Clare Ellis

Daggett Middle School- Laura Norman-Smith

Daggett Montessori- Erin Bury

David K. Sellars Elementary- Xavier Smith

De Zavala Elementary- Sonia Garcia

Diamond Hill Elementary- Diana Pios

Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School- Dillon Metzgar

Dolores Huerta Elementary- Angela Andrews

Dunbar High School- Denise Smith

East Handley Elementary- Tina Rundles

Eastern Hills Elementary- Anthony Smith-Wright

Eastern Hills High School- Aminchi Asake

George C. Clarke Elementary- Angelica Ortiz

Glen Park Elementary- Alejandra Chiapa

Greenbriar Elementary- Susan Alexander

Handley Middle School- Jeffery Duffey

Harlean Beal Elementary- Jasmine Gore

Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary- Trudy Wooldridge

Hubbard Heights Elementary- Mireya Leva

H.V. Helbing Elementary- Matt Huitt

I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM and VPA- Christen Williams Reyes

International Newcomer Academy- Ema Alatini

Jean McClung Middle School- Troy Mazarello

JJAEP- Vicki Delgado

Jo Kelly School- Mary McKinnie

J.P. Elder Middle School- John Valle Jr.

J.T. Stevens Elementary- Courtney Vineyard

Kirkpatrick Elementary- Agatha Agyemang

Kirkpatrick Middle School- Corrie Scott

Leadership Academy at Como Elementary School- Emily Bialas

Leadership Academy at Forest Oak Middle School- Jasmin Williams

Leadership Academy at Forest Oak Sixth Grade- Arlene Alejandro-Mace

Leadership Academy at John T. White Elementary School- Wendy Poole

Leadership Academy at Maude I. Logan Elementary School- Tonya Jackson

Leadership Academy at Mitchell Boulevard Elementary School- Nichole Hickson

Leonard Middle School- Bobby Cowan

Lily B. Clayton Elementary- Lupita Olazaba

Lowery Road Elementary- Angela Ferguson

Luella Merrett Elementary- Chantel Fontenot

Manuel Jara Elementary- Brenda Valdez

Marine Creek Collegiate- Savannah Beall

McLean Sixth Grade Center- Keri Hill

McLean Middle School- Sarah Hunt

Meacham Middle School- Hali Mischo

Meadowbrook Elementary- Jill Rhea

Meadowbrook Middle School- Nicholas Cordray

M.G. Ellis Primary- Alicia Martinez

M.H. Moore Elementary- Jill Fox

Middle Level Learning Center/Metro Opportunity- David Vucina

M.L. Phillips Elementary- Janette Chairez

M.M. Walton Elementary- Angela Baker

Morningside Elementary- Vicki Saunders

Morningside Middle School- Sabrina Bone

Natha Howell Elementary- Heather Faaborg

North Hi Mount Elementary- Sam Hobbs

North Side High School- Marcum Tubbs

Oakhurst Elementary- Aaron Wyatt

Oaklawn Elementary- Lisa Wheeler

O.D. Wyatt High School- Larry Petite

Overton Park Elementary- Jessica Patterson

Paschal High School- Casey Kirchner

Polytechnic High School- Ann-Denise Anderson

Richard J. Wilson Elementary- Elizabeth De la Cruz

Ridglea Hills Elementary- John Wyatt

Riverside Applied Learning Center- Natalie Prieto

Riverside Middle School- Kisa Allen

Rosemont Sixth Grade Center- Brittany Salt

Rosemont Elementary- Lara Ladarola

Rosemont Middle School- Vernon Washington Jr.

Rufino Mendoza Elementary- VyVy Nguyen

Sagamore Hill Elementary- Cristina Dressler

Sam Rosen Elementary- Joe Gonzales

Seminary Hills Park Elementary- Shelley Buie

South Hi Mount Elementary- Yahaira Aguilera

South Hills Elementary- Abbey Stodghill

South Hills High School- Diana Hernandez

Southwest High School- Judy Taylor

Springdale Elementary- Mike Elizondo

S.S. Dillow Elementary- Nea Dean

Stripling Middle School- Kevin Johnson

Success High School- Truong Le

Sunrise-McMillan Elementary- Clara Williams

T.A. Sims Elementary- Alice Emmert

Tanglewood Elementary- Kimm Payne

Tarrant County College South/ FWISD Collegiate- Dr. Barbara Stone

Texas Academy Biomedical Sciences- Spencer Spivey

Transition Center- Gilbert Casas

Trimble Technical High School- Antonio Regalado

Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary- Madison DeJarnett

Versia L. Williams Elementary- Alicia Sadel

Washington Heights Elementary- Carmen Yesenia Castillo

Waverly Park Elementary- Candis Segars

Wedgwood Sixth Grade Center- Sarah Coddington

Wedgwood Middle School- Hector Landeros

West Handley Elementary- Marisol Martin

Westcliff Elementary- LaTasha Tinnell

Westcreek Elementary- Moises Moreno Rangel

Western Hills Elementary- Alando Moore

Western Hills High School- Matthew Posey

Western Hills Primary- Brigit Lopez

Westpark Elementary- Rebecca Clements

William James Middle School- Rosalind Clark

William Monnig Middle School- Vanida Chanthaphone

W.J. Turner Elementary- Ashley Tejeda

W.M. Green Elementary- Michael Mangrum

Woodway Elementary- Katherine Abbey

World Languages Institute- Anabelle Lugo-Pagan

Worth Heights Elementary- Carol Lockhart

Young Men's Leadership Academy- Tobie Moser

Young Women's Leadership Academy- TeNeal Metcalf


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